M.Sc. Nikoleta Tomovic

Nikoleta Tomovic is a teaching assistant at the Humanistic studies of University of Donja Gorica, Department of International relations and Diplomacy. At the same time, she is executive director of one of the most influential think tanks in Montenegro, Centre for Monitoring and Research, whose main goal is to provide expert support for continuous monitoring of the overall process of transition in Montenegro. From early 2008 until the end of 2010 she was employed at the Ministry of Defence of Montenegro as an advisor for international cooperation in Cabinet of Minister of Defence.

Nikoleta Tomovic is a PhD candidate at the Department for International and European studies, of the Faculty of Political Science (the University of Belgrade, Serbia), where she has finished thesis on subject: Changes and continuity in foreign policy of the European Union (supervisor: prof. Predrag Simic, Ph.D). She finished two master programmes: during 2007-2008 she got Master degree in Local development and Cooperation in Inter-Adriatic region, at the University of Bologna, Italy, where she had a full scholarship awarded by CEI, (thesis on security cooperation in Adriatic-Ionian region, supervisor: prof. Emilio Coco, Ph.D). At the end of 2008, Nikoleta got Master degree in European studies, at the Faculty of Political Science of the University of Montenegro (Supervisor: prof. Lidija Cehulic Vukadinovic, Ph.D.). Meanwhile, during 2005 Nikoleta Tomovic finished specialist studies at the “American Institute for Political and Economic systems” at the Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as Specialization course for Diplomats, at the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna, Austria (2009). At the Faculty of Political Science of University of Montenegro, Nikoleta finished Specialist studies in International Relations and Diplomacy in 2007 (with an average grade of 10 out 10), as well as bachelor studies in 2006 (9.98 out of 10).

During studies, Nikoleta was awarded several times for the best student of the Faculty of Political science, of the University of Montenegro (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), awarded scholarships of University “Dante Alighieri”, Reggio Calabria, Italy and the University St. Giles, London UK (2004), full scholarship for Master studies in Local development and Cooperation in Inter-Adriatic region, University of Bologna (2007), and finally she was awarded the laureate of the Montenegrin Academy of Arts and Sciences for the results achieved during the studies (2005). She speaks English and French fluently.

Nikoleta’s research and teaching interests are international organizations, European Union, Theories of the Foreign Policy, Foreign Policy of the European Union, Enlargement Policy of The European Union, NATO Alliance, European and Euro Atlantic Integrations of Montenegro.


List of significant publications:

• Tomovic, et al., Political activism of women in Montenegro, Cemi, Podgorica, 2015 ISBN 978-86-85547-36-2
• Selic, Tomovic, Transparency and defence in Montenegro, CeMI, Podgorica, 2015
• Selic, Tomovic, Assessment of the corruption risks in defense sector in Montenegro, CeMI, Podgorica 2015
• Tomović Nikoleta, Partnership between NATO and the EU in the fight against security threats XXI century, MONET, Podgorica, 2012
• Čehulić Vukadinović Lidija, Tomović Nikoleta, Compatibility criteria for entry into the European and Euro-Atlantic Integration – case study Western Balkans, Journal of School of Euroatlantism, Podgorica, 2012
• Tomovic Nikoleta, Effects of European security policy, Journal of School of Euroatlantism, Podgorica, 2013
• Tomovic, Selic, Assessment of Corruption Risk in the Defense Sector of Montenegro, CeMI, Podgorica, 2015
• Vujovic, Selic, Tomovic, Analysis of the effects of anticorruption policies in Montenegro 2012-2013 and recommendation for improvement, CEMI, Podgorica, 2013
• Public policy study: Vujovic, Selic, Tomovic: “Reform of anti-corruption institutions in Montenegro: How to make the system more efficient?” CEMI, Podgorica, 2009
• Vujovic, Tomovic: Policy study: “Sustainable institutional mechanisms for improving the minority representation in Parliament of Montenegro”, CEMI, 2010
• Tomovic, Lakovic, Pavicevic, Policy study “The establishment of personal assistance services in Montenegro”, CEMI, Podgorica, 2010

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