PhD Vladimir Goati

PhD Vladimir Goati

He was born in 1939 in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade in 1962. He obtained Master of Arts degree in 1966 at Faculty of Law and finished his PhD studies in 1973, at Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade.

Professor Goati has been Director of Institute for Social Sciences since 1973. He was hired as professor on several universities. He taught at University of Ljubljana in 1997, he was professor by invitation at University Montesquieu, Bordeaux, in 1997 and 2001 and has been so on Faculty of Political Science, University of Montenegro, from 1997 to present.

He is currently president of Transparency Serbia.

He took part in numerous research projects dealing with political parties and electoral systems. PhD Goati authored the following books and papers:

  • Perspective of the Political Vanguard, Belgrade, 1973;
  • Political Sociology, Belgrade, 1978;
  • Ideology and Social Reality, Belgrade 1979;
  • Contemporary Political Parties – a Comparative Analysis, Belgrade, 1984 (winner of the NIN Book Award);
  • League of Communists of Yugoslavia, Crisis and Democrary, Zagreb 1986;
  • Towards Democracy, Sarajevo, 1990;
  • The Political Anatomy of the Yugoslav Society, Zagreb, 1989
  • (winner of the Vjesnik Award);
  • Yugoslavia at the Crossroads – from Monism to Civil War, Belgrade, 1991;
  • Electoral Struggles in Yugoslavia 1990-1992 (with Z.Slavujevic and O.Pribičević), Belgrade, 1993;
  • Elections in FRY from 1990 to 1998, Addendum: Elections 2000 (Second Extended Edition), 2001, Belgrade:Center for Free Eletions and Democracy;
  • Elections to Federal and Republican Parliaments of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) 1990-1996. Ed. Vladimir Goati, Berlin: Edition Sigma, 1998;
  • “A Deficit in Legitimacy: The Political Development of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia”, In: Democratic Reconstruction in Balkans. 2001. Eds. Margaret Blunden and Patrick Burke, University of Westminster: Centre for the Study of Democracy;
  • “The Impact of Parliamentary Democracy on Ethnic Relations in Yugoslavia 1989-1995”. In: Ethnic Conflict Management, The Case of Yugoslavia. 1997. Ed. Dusan Janjic, Ravenna: Longo Editore;
  • Challenges of Parliamentarism: The Case of Serbia in the Early Nineties, Ed. Vladimir Goati. Belgrade: Institute of Social Scineces, 1995;
  • “Les Partis politiques et le systeme de partis en Serbie”, Dans: La democratie constitutionelle en Europe Centrale et Orientale, Bilans et perspectives.Ed. Slobodan Milacic, Bruxelles: Bruylant, 1998;
  • “Les effets de la democratie majoritaire”, Peuples Mediterranees. 61: 103-123, 1992;
  • “The Political Challenges of Post-Communism”, in: Cross-Cultural Analysis of Values and Political Economy Issues, Eds. Dan Voich and Lee Stepina, Westport, Connecticat and London: Praeger, 1994.


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