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Center for Monitoring and Research aims to, through the project “Smart Start – Active Youth for Sustainable Changes” educate, motivate and encourage young peer educators to transfer acquired knowledge about the political system of Montenegro and EU integrations to their peers. The aim is for young peer educators to familiarize other high school students in all municipalities in Montenegro about the characteristics of the system they live in and to positively influence their encouragement and education in order to participate more actively in decision making, to identify the problems of their population, to propose sustainable solutions for their overcoming, and all that through non-formal education. The goal will be achieved through the organization of the CeMI school and peer education workshops, and through the organization of thematic lectures and workshops of peer educators within the student parliaments, which will be coordinated by CeMI.

Within this project, CeMI will develop a mobile and web application dedicated to informing young people about their rights in employment (youth-friendly language), existing employment platforms, with a map of existing youth centers in Montenegro, useful links between institutions of the education system and public institutions dealing with the young.

The target groups of the program are third-grade pupils from all municipalities in Montenegro, pupils’ parliaments, teachers, youth organizations, local authorities, local decision-makers, government and ministries, society in general.

The project predicts cooperation with the Union of High school Students of Montenegro, Union of Young Entrepreneurs of Montenegro, local authorities, leaders of secondary schools, teachers, youth centers and experts from different fields.

Through this program, CeMI will organize a summer school for peer educators, for third-grade pupils who will take a two-day training with a workshop (practical lessons). Pupils will later, through clearly selected and processed topics, transfer knowledge to their peers in their schools. Results and formed ideas from organized lectures in secondary schools and summer schools will be published in the form of infographics on social networks and printed in the form of posters. During the project, a poster exhibition also will be made by CeMI. In formulating ideas and poster design students will be actively involved. This will greatly encourage student parliaments to actively advocate for changes in youth policies, which ultimately strengthens their capacity for participation culture and democratic decision-making.

Project “Smart Start – Active Youth for Sustainable Changes” is implementing with the  financial support of Ministry of Sports.


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