Biography – Aleksandra Nikčević

Aleksandra Nikcevic

Aleksandra Nikcevic

Aleksandra Nikcevic was born 15.07. 1992 in Niksic. She finished elementary school “Ratko Zaric” and Gymnasium “Stojan Cerovic” Niksic in 2011, after which she enrolled in studies department of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic. Basic studies completed in 2016 and enrolled in specialist studies. During her studies she was a representative of the psychology students from 2012 to 2014 and imposed the survival of the only degree program in psychology at the University of Montenegro that was before quenching. 2013 founded the NGO Association of Young psychologists Montenegro “Virtus”, as well as an office for regional cooperation psychology students with colleagues from other countries. In 2016 she completed her internship at the NGO “LGBT Progress’ position psychologist – consultant and contributor to projects. Co-author of the study and analysis of cases “Violence against LGBT people and gender-based violence in Montenegro-practices”. In October 2017, educated for the application and interpretation of PAI inventory. In the period from February to December 2018, she volunteered at the Association of Parents position Counselor at the SOS line. In early 2018, she enrolled in psychotherapeutic direction OLI methods or psychodynamic and integrative psychotherapy where the consultant in education. In September 2018 she became a member of the research team CeMI as a contributor to the project. In January 2019 began training for trainers Forum theater for children and youth in conflict with the law organized by the Association Inpuls from Belgrade.

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