Biography – Ana Mugosa

Ana Mugosa

Ana Mugosa

Ana Mugosa was born on 2 March 1996 in Podgorica. She graduated from Primary and Secondary School of Economics in Podgorica. She received certificates in English language school “Frances King” in London, as well as all 9 levels of English at the Center for Foreign Languages, Oxford, in Podgorica. Ana is a law student at the University of Donja Gorica. She is currently in the third year of study.
She was a volunteer at the Center for Monitoring and Research, she also took part in presidential and local elections in 12 municipalities. She participated as an assistant in the monitoring of the trial, CATI survey “Peer violence” and “Citizens Trust in the media”, as well as in the organization of training for peer educators.
She is fluent in English and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

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