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Comparative Balkan Politics, Volume 1, Issue 1

  1. Boban Stojanović, Nikola Jović, Personal or Party Election Campaigns in Serbia: Empirical Findings, pp. 5-26
  2. Nikola Kosović, Nemanja Stankov, Election Campaigns in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia: A Comparative Study of Prevailing Questions, pp. 27-52
  3. Momir Dejanović, Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014: Are citizens able to elect government which will represent public instead of party interests?, pp. 53-80
  4. Goran Korov, The Balkan Federation: Unfulfilled Plans (1944-1948), pp. 81-96
  5. Milan Jovanović, Parliamentary Elections in Serbia 2016, pp. 97-110


Comparative Balkan Politics, Volume 2, Issue 1

  1. Petar Marković, The Achilles Heel of Democracies in Southeast Europe: Responsiveness Trapped Between Clientelism and the EU, pp. 5-30
  2. Nermina Mujagić, Sarina Bakić, Political Parties as Generators of Social and Ethnic Conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, pp. 31-40
  3. Zlatko Vujović, Nikoleta Tomović, Perspectives for Development of Inter-Party Democracy in Montenegro, pp. 41-64
  4. Jelena Đurišić, Criminal Law Protection of Electoral Rights in Criminal Legislation of Montenegro, pp. 65-76

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