Competition for the Membership in the Integrity Association of the students at the University of Montenegro

NGO Center for Monitoring and Research in cooperation with the NGO Center for Civic Education announces a competition for the membership in the Integrity Association of the students at the University of Montenegro. The competition is announced for the purpose of implementing the “Students’ Ethics Initiative” project, supported by the Open Society Foundation from Budapest.

The “Student Ethics Initiative” project aims to reduce academic fraud at the University of Montenegro. The projects includes the implementation of a range of activities, such as: detailed research on the forms and frequency of academic fraud at Montenegrin universities, formulation and advocacy of the measures relating to prevention and reduction of academic fraud, engagement of the students in the fight against corruption process through the creation of Integrity Association at the University of Montenegro, and a campaign to raise student awareness on academic fraud and its harmful consequences.

The Integrity Association is an informal group of students who are highly motivated to plan and coordinate future activities on the field of prevention of academic fraud and corruption in higher education institutions. The members will be engaged in determining the level and forms of academic fraud at the University of Montenegro for four months, basing their results on quantitative and qualitative research which includes all of the faculties at the University of Montenegro. The results will be unified into a Public Policy brief and a Plan to Raising Public Awareness.

The Integrity Association will have eight members(two student representatives from each of the university centers in Podgorica, Niksic, BijeloPolje and Kotor). The four-month engagement on the project entails a fee for all of the Associations´ members.

We invite all students interested in contributing their work to the fight against corruption, in preparation for future projects, to apply to become a member of the Integrity Association by October 10th, 2012.

The application form and a CV should be sent to: before the 10th of October, 2012.

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