The presentation of the new electronic database for the State Election Commission held

Within the project “Improvement of Coordination and Information Flow in the Prevention of Corruption in Montenegro“, the Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI) built an electronic database for the State Election Commission. The project was implemented through the support of USAID (Good Governance Activity program in Montenegro).

This database allows for electronic form data entering to the political parties in relation to financing reports. The database also facilitates report publishing for the State Election Commission. In accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, the SEC has access to the whole political party financing report while the citizens have a limited access. New filters allow report search by year and the type of elections held to the interested institutions and citizens. The old reports were all groups in one place and were not categorized.

Members of the SEC became familiar with the way the database functions, data input method, report publishing method and the option to return reports to the political parties if they needed to be changed before publishing during the presentation held on November 30th. The database will be improved on the basis of the suggestions of the members of the SEC and presented to political parties and citizens.

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