Training on Electronic Data Entry in relation to the Financing of Political Parties held in Podgorica

Within the project “Improvement of Coordination and Information Flow in the Prevention of Corruption in Montenegro”, CeMI held training on Electronic Data Entry in relation to the Financing of Political Parties. The training was carried out in cooperation with CPCI and the SEC and the support of USAID (Good Governance Activity Program in Montenegro). The training took place in PR Center in Podgorica on May 10th, 2013.

This electronic database, built in cooperation with the State Election Commission, aims to improve and accelerate the reporting on financing of the political parties (the process of submitting, approving and publishing of the reports). Financing data will now be directly entered into the database and sent to the SEC for verification. Once the SEC approves the report, the same will be published on the website. In case of incomplete reports, these reports will be sent back to the political party for modification. The process is much accelerated in comparison to the previous case when the parties entered the data manually.

Except for the SEC employees, the representatives of the following parties also attended the training: Bosnjacka stranka, Demokratska partija socijalista, Forca, Hrvatske gradjanske inicijative, Liberalne partije, Pozitivne Crne Gore, Socijal-demokratska partija and Socijalisticka narodna partija. CeMI´s IT consultant – Mr. Goran Radosevic, presented the possibilities and the main characteristics of the database to the participants. Finally, the participants had a chance to generate their own reports using the database.

This database is the first step towards an electronic network of the institutions involved in the fight against corruption. The aim of the project is to form a unified information system in the view to increase the transparency of the political parties financing process, the election campaign financing and the public procurement process. The new information system would encompass the databases of the State Election Commission, the Commission for Prevention of Conflicts of Interests, the Directorate for Public Procurement, and the Central Registry of the Commercial Court.

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