Session of the National Commission for implementation of the Strategy for the Fight against Corruption and Organized Crime

XI thematic session of the National Commission, initiated by CeMI, will be held on November 20th at 10 am. At the National Commission, besides the proposal of VI report on implementation of measures from the Innovated Action Plan for the Fight against Corruption and Organized Crime, results of the anticorruption policies in healthcare sector will be discusssed.

With initiative for organization of this session, CeMI has submitted to the National Commission the policy study „Corruption Risk Assessment in the Healthcare sector in Montenegro“, created with the support of the German Embassy in Podgorica. Policy study encompassess analysis of the effectiveness of implemented measures for prevention and suppression of corruption in the healthcare sector, identification of high risk areas for occurence of corruption and proposal of measures for improvement of the current situation. Key findings exposed in the policy study will serve as the basis of the discussion at tomorrow’s session.

At the proposal of CeMI, Minister of Healthcare in Montenegro Mr. Miodrag Radunovic and Director of the Heathcare insurance Fund, Mr. Kenan Hrapovic are invited to the session of the National Commission.

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