Evidence Based Advocacy: Improvement Representation of Minorities in the Parliament

Montenegro is multi ethnic country where minorities represent significant part of population. According to the 2003 Census, 43% of total population are Montenegrins, 32% Serbs, 8 % Bosniaks, 5% Albanians, 4% Muslims, 1% Croats and 7% other minority groups. This demographic composition points to a need of adequate participation of minorities in representative bodies in Montenegro. Great, and unfortunately still unsolved issue in Montenegrin society refers to the adoption of new legal solutions that would enable adequate representation of minorities in the national Parliament. With this project, CeMI wants to investigate all available models of minority representation in national Parliaments, and to offer the most appropriate solution to decision makers in accordance with specifications of events in Montenegro.

The project is realized in three phases, though carrying out the research in this field, preparation and writing of study that contains suggestion of issue solution of minority representation, as well as public advocacy of that solution.

The research phase consists of comparative analysis of model of minority representation in the region and in Europe, as well as of qualitative field research via in-depth interviews and focus groups. Questioning and comparison of minority representation in the Parliament models will help in creating of the most suitable option for Montenegro. The research comprised members of Minority Council in Montenegro, minority political parties’ members, members of minority civil organizations and members of political parties.

The preparation and writing of the study – research team created study that was based on the research that was carried out and that offers the best model for solving the issue of minority representation in the Parliament to the decision makers of Montenegro.

You can download the study from the following link: Studija: “Održivi institucionalni mehanizmi za poboljšanje predstavljenosti manjina u crnogorskom parlamentu”

The distribution of the study and advocacy of the offered solution – CeMI presented its study at the panel discussion where experts from regional think tank organization who are engaged in minority issues and who gave their opinion and comments on suggested solution were present. Decision makers in Montenegro were also present at the panel.

The project is financed by European fund for the Balkans.


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