PhD Lidija Cehulic Vukadinovic held a lecture at the School of Euro-Atlantic Integration for Youth

Within the project “School of Euro-Atlantic Integration – III generation”, PhD Lidija CehulicVukadinovic, professor at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb, held a lecture for the third generation of students in this school, on 19th of September 2014, at the PR Centre in Podgorica.  The topic of the lecture was “NATO and the Euro-Atlantic integration during the Cold War”.

Professor Cehulic Vukadinovic spoke about challenges the world was facing after the Second World War, about process of establishing NATO, its development and consolidation. She analyzed how the Cold War influenced NATO’s structure and objectives, but also challenges that required NATO members to look for other modalities of existing and acting after the Cold War was over.

Students of the third generation were also given lecture on the topic “NATO after the Cold War: process of transformation to political and security organization”, that dealt with issues emerging in the post-Cold war period, as well as process of the NATO’s adaptation to the new circumstances.

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