Raising Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in the Defense Sector

Project “Raising Integrity, Transparency and Accountability in Defence Sector” is being implemented by Center for Monitoring and Research, with support of Canada Fund, from 1st December 2014 until 28th February 2015.

Although Montenegro has done significant efforts in fight against corruption, it remains widespread and continues to be a serious cause for concern. Defeating defence corruption is a very difficult endeavour, but is a pre-condition for regaining societal confidence. Due to the lack of transparency and public debate on defence, regard of the military can hinder the implementation of integrity building programmes. Therefore, the key question that is put before Montenegro is how to effectively and successfully implement initiated reforms in defence sector, including full transparency of this process.

In addition, in Montenegro, there is limited number of research and policy findings in the field of defence sector reform as well as fight against corruption, and there are no adequate mechanisms for building integrity of civil servants and reducing corruption in defence sector in Montenegro.

General purpose of this project is to contribute to decrease of the corruption and strengthening of integrity of state administration. Specific purpose of this project is to increase transparency, accountability and integrity in the defence sector of Montenegro. For that purpose, CeMI will implement set of activities aimed at achieving the following:

1. Established baseline for creation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of new integrity plans.

2. Increased degree of transparency and openness of the defense sector reforms to the citizens and civil society organizations.

3. Increased level of awareness of civil servants employed in security sector on integrity (through organization of four one-day trainings for civil servants employed at the defense sector).

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