Diploma ceremony for the fourth generation of participants of the School of Euro-Atlantic Integration for Youth

Within the Project ”School of Euro-Atlantic Integration for Youth – Fourth generation”, Center for Monitoring and Research is organizing the diploma ceremony, on 29th of December, 2015 in the premises of the PR center in Podgorica.

Colonel Rajko Pesic, Deputy of Chief of Staff of the General Staff at the Army of Montenegro, will award diplomas to the attendees of the School.

The project “School of Euro-Atlantic Integration for Youth – IV generation” has been supported by the Commission for the Allocation of the Revenues from the Lottery in 2014. By carrying out this project, CeMI has continued to educate young people about the process of Euro-Atlantic integration through implementation of activities within which the participants had an opportunity to confront attitudes regarding Montenegro joining NATO, advantages and disadvantages of membership to NATO, as well as the possibilities of a prompt fulfillment of international standards shared by countries of the North Atlantic alliance.

During attendance at the School of Euro-Atlantic Integration for Youth – Fourth generation and participation at the seminar “Montenegro in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration: neutrality or collective security”, participants had the opportunity to acquire and improve their knowledge about the nature of the NATO organization, its structure and competencies, its role in the world, steps to full membership, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that this membership brings.

School  of Euro-Atlantic Integration for Youth was organized in the period from September to December 2015 and attendees were chosen among the members of the youth council of political parties, members of NGOs, journalists and students, who are socially engaged, and who are up to 35 years old.

Lecturers at the school and seminar were prominent university professors, experts, diplomats and ambassadors who are dealing with issues of international relations, international security, peace studies, security of Western Balkans, as well as the reform of Montenegro’s defense sector and the process of Euro-Atlantic integration of Montenegro.

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