The first in a row of trainings for health-care workers held

Center for Monitoring and Research (CEMI) organizes trainings for health-care workers from all health institutions in Montenegro. The first of ten planned trainings was held on Monday 16th May at the premises of the PR center in Podgorica.

Trainings for health-care workers are implemented within the project “Health Care System and Patient’s Rights in Montenegro – Winning citizens’ confidence.” The project is funded by the European Union, thanks to the EU Delegation in Montenegro, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) and the Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) for Montenegro.The main objective of the project is to enhance Montenegro’s achievement of EU standards in protection of human rights of underrepresented groups, regarding their rights as patients and to contribute to an equal access to health and justice to all citizens, especially members of marginalized groups. Through the project activities aim is to encourage full implementation of legislative in the field of health care and to make recommendations for their improvement, to get closer to international standards in this area. Also, the aim of planned activities is to increase the awareness of the general public, civil society, health care providers about patients’ rights, with an emphasis on anti-discrimination, equal access to health care and justice, the protection of personal data, personal integrity.

By conducting trainingsCeMI aims to train 200 health-care workers who will gain knowledge in the area of integrity in the health-care system of Montenegro, legal and ethical standards and the rights and responsibilities of health workers. Training includes all profiles of health workers, both doctors and nursing staff from all health-care institutions in Montenegro. The Ministry of Health of Montenegro supported these activities.

Trainers are Mrs Marija Vuksanovic, project manager at the Center for Democracy and Human Rights – CEDEM, and Mr Vlado Dedovic, Director of the Legal Department CeMI.

Through the trainings health-care workers will be familiar with the standards of ethics and integrity in the health-care system, with a focus on the European Charter of Patients’Rights,the Law on Health Care Protection and the Law on Protection of Patients’ Rights. Also, the trainings will cover an area of development of professional standards and ethical norms. Trainers will present a ways of making a code of ethics and integrity plans. Health-care workers will be able to communicate their views on the situation in this area, as well as the problems they faced and the ways in which they have handled so far. In order to strengthen the capacity of health-care workers in these areas, they will gain knowledge about the mechanisms for strengthening integrity in the health-care system, about appointments of the protector of patients’ rights, about functioning of the telephone line for reporting corruption, acting in accordance with complaints of citizens and their application in practice. Finally, health-careworkers will be familiar with the comparative practices and protection of patients’ rights in the jurisprudence and practice of the European Court of Human Rights.

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