Workshop on “Human Rights and Democracy in the EU”

University of Donja Gorica and the Centre for Monitoring and Research on Tuesday May 24th 2016 organized a workshop on “Human Rights and Democracy in the EU”. The workshop was opened by the General Director for the promotion and protection of minority rights Gjokaj Leon, Dean of Humanities Studies at the University of Donja Gorica prof. Dr. Milan Podunavac and Director of the legal department of the Center for Monitoring and Research Vlado Dedović.

The right to participate in the workshop have high school students also.

The workshop consisted of three sessions that covered topics related to human rights and equal enjoyment of the right to education for all, the dominant concept of the EU – a culture of democracy and culture of democracy and issues of legitimacy and democratic deficit in the EU. In the afore mentioned topics, experts in the field of law, such as Dr. Budimir Košutić Dr. Dragan Djukanovic and Mr. Bojan Bozovic.

Participants had the opportunity to learn about the education system in the EU which is in line with legal norms and democratic values that are cherished in the Member States. After the lecture there was a discussion in order to initiate constructive solutions and guidelines for our education system towards European standards.

The workshop organized by the University of Donja Gorica in cooperation with partners: Center for Monitoring and Research CeMI, Art Communications infection from Podgorica, the Center for International Studies from the Croatian and the Center for European Perspective from Slovenia, the project “Be prepared for EU values” supported by the European Commission within the program Erasmus Plus (call Youth Capacity Building – Western Balkans).




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