Study visit to Croatia

The Centre for Monitoring and Research CeMI in cooperation with the University of Donja Gorica and the Center for International Studies of Croatian organized a study visit to Croatia with a background theme entitled “Three years experience Croatian youth in EU”.

Montenegrin students and high school students from 13 to 22 June had the opportunity to consider the advantages of the European education system and the importance of respect for democratic values in the EU Member States.

Students attended lectures by eminent experts in this field who spoke about the values of European integration, the Croatian experience in this way, security policy as well as health, educational and cultural system in Europe. The educational part included the Croatian experience in drawing EU funds, media literacy and e-business to the EU standards, as well as the importance of organizational culture in the workplace to promote the values of the European Union.

Students had the opportunity to visit some of the important institutions such as the Special Hospital Naftalan and thus gain insight into the use of EU funds. Visit the museum in Zagreb and Ivanic-Grad was preceded by lectures on culture and history, which are shared experiences from Zagreb County, where the students stayed. In addition, they actively participated in the workshops and debates defending the views for and against membership in the EU and with arguments which are pointed out and refuted the benefits of membership. In this way, existing and acquired knowledge in practice and simulated discussed the challenges faced by Croatia, with which our country will face in the future.

Comparing the experience of Croatian adopted the conclusions concerning the strategy of readiness before the speed that Montenegro must apply during their integration process.

It is important to note that during the study visit the project partners held a meeting in which they stressed the importance of implementing the project and discussed the guidelines for further stimulus when it comes to the transfer of knowledge and experience.

Ceremonial presentation of the certificate is completed study visit to Croatia, which was implemented in the framework of Erasmus + “Be ready for EU values” and was a valuable experience for all participants.


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