Memorandum of cooperation with the Supreme State Prosecution was signed

The Center for Monitoring and Research CEMI and Center for Democratic Transition CDT today signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Supreme State Prosecution of Montenegro and non-governmental organizations that monitor elections, in order to initiate cooperation between the SSP and NGOs CEMI and CDT, and to initiate joint activities aimed to build trust in the electoral process and preserve the integrity of the electoral process.

The Supreme State Prosecution committed to promote a proactive approach in the prosecution of perpetrators of criminal acts, regularly inform the public about the procedures related to the violation of electoral rights, and continue to communicate with the media and the civil sector. Head State Prosecutor Ivica Stankovic, said that the SSP responsibly treats all potential irregularities in the electoral process, and that the perpetrators will take responsibility regardless of political affiliation.

CEMI and CDT were, on the other hand committed to submit initiative to start proceedings for offenses against electoral rights to the Supremen State Prosecution; notify the SSP about the findings or evidences of crimes which threaten the legitimacy of the electoral process; facilitate communication between citizens about their knowledge with the SSP; and carry out a campaign to encourage citizens to report irregularity in electoral process to the SSP.

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