CeMI submitted a list with 1,400 observers

Centre for Monitoring and Research submitted a list with 1,400 observers that should be accredited to the State Election Commission. The observers signed up for the civil monitoring of the upcoming Parliamentary elections that will be held on October 16th , said the head of observing mission, Djuro Stojanovic.

He said that it is the largest observing mission in Montenegro and one of the largest that organization conducted – “By number of observers, comprehension and seriousness of the approach to this mission, the most similar mission is the 2006 Referendum”.

“our goal is to have observers at 1200 polling stations. We will try to have all accessible polling stations are covered with observers”, said Stojanovic.

Besides short-term observers, CeMI will have mobile teams that will visit polling stations.

“Also, we have long-term observers, who have been visiting Municipal Election Commissions for a long period of time, as well as political parties and media. Therefore, it will be one large team that will try to determine all irregularities that might happen on the Election Day”, noted Stojanovic.

CeMI will use two methods of data processing – counting the votes using the method of representative sample (PPVT) and method of parallel counting of votes (PVT).

“First of all, we will collect information after the closing of polling stations from representative sample and gather first projections of the election results as soon as possible. We will also process data using PVT method – method from all polling stations”, Stojanovic said.

He said that CeMI will try to continue to collect data and verify those evaluations with information that are gathered from all available polling stations.

“Data from specific polling stations always arrive to our base during night or there are certain problems, therefore we can talk about 99% of polling stations from where we will have information during the Election Day”, said Stojanovic.

During the Election Day, CeMI will have regular press conferences and public will be informed about the turnout, irregularities, voting trends and in the end, about the results.

“Press conferences will be about the opening of polling stations, whether all polling stations as opened, is everything alright at the polling stations, turnout, possible irregularities, and after the polling stations are closed, the reports on the evaluation of the results will be presented”, Stojanovic specified.

He said that all information about the election day will be available on special website of Center for Monitoring and Research.

“On that website, you will have information about the results of current turnout and final voting count, as well as the information about previous Parliamentary, President Elections, Referendum, and about irregularities during the day”, said Stojanovic.

All the data will be available on CeMI’s pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Stojanovic said that CeMI aims to give precise projections of the results.

“We are proud of the way we process data and way we announce them to the public, as the final results have extremely small deviation from those presented during the election night”, Stojanovic explained.

As he suggested, they will try to be more transparent and to share all the information they have with the public.

“The results of the parallel counting of votes can be expected quickly, while the results from all polling stations will be in our base during the night”, said Stojanovic.

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