The second workshop on the theme “Youth and Citizenship EU” was organized

The Centre for Monitoring and Research CeMI and the University of Donja Gorica on November 14th 2016, successfully organized the second workshop under the project “Be prepared for EU values.” The second workshop on “Youth and Citizenship EU” was held at the Princess Hotel in Bar. The workshop was opened by  Dr. Milan Podunavac, dean of humanities studies and MA Nikoleta Tomovic, Executive Director of CeMI.

Participants at the workshop were representatives of students and student organizations in order to lead a discussion about the origin of the idea of EU citizenship, rights and benefits of citizens deriving from EU citizenship, concrete examples of the benefits that the concept of citizenship provides citizens as individuals, students, consumers, residents, workers or active participants in politics, as well as ways to strengthen these rights in practice, according to new findings from the public debate and reports from Eurobarometar. Through attendance at this workshop, participants are able to improve their knowledge on the content and aspects of the process of European integration of Montenegro, as well as all the benefits that will be able to take advantage when Montenegro becomes the final member of the EU and the citizens of Montenegro to become citizens of the European Union.

The workshop was presented by professor Dragan Djukanovic, the director of the Institute for International Economics and Policy from Belgrade on “Strategy for the internalisation of EU citizenship in the constitutive act and national legislation” and Ivana Vujovic on the theme of Youth in the EU: the relationship between young people and EU citizens. The lectures were designed to be a lot of attention paid to the active participation of all participants in the discussions, debating outstanding issues and conduct interactive discussions.


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