About the project

The Centre for Monitoring and Research is realizing a project titled “Raising CeMI’s Policy Expertise and Policy Impact on the National and International Level“.

The overall objective of this project is for CeMI to take a step further and become a more competitive organization by introducing new methods, technologies and topics and advancing the quality of its products and the influence of its results.

The specific goals of this project are:

  1. Upgrading the research and advocacy capacities and expanding the area of public policy;
  2. Improving the existing and making new channels for communication and expansion;
  3. Ensuring the sustainability of conducted researches.

These goals will be achieved by expanding the volume of public policy research and influence from the national to the international level, increasing the influence of evidence-based advocacy, and also by introducing new research approaches and expanding the list of public policy research topics. Connecting CeMI with decision makes in the European Union institutions and key European countries through regular and ad hoc work visits to European institutions and EU member states as well as sustainable channels of communication with public institutions of EU member states and European think tank organizations will be achieved, in order to increase the influence of evidence-based advocacy. Besides that, improving the existing and creating new channels of communication and expansion will include higher visibility of data, by upgrading our online presence and maintaining the existing products database. In the end, the sustainability of our research will be insured by the digitalization of the archive and creating virtual business services for researches.

The project foresees the monitoring of the following activities:

  • A three-day seminar on strategic planning which will be organized by a team of coordinators with the goal of developing a strategic plan of the organization for the period 2017-2021;
  • Three-day training for the qualitative comparative analysis (QCA)
  • Training on the way of politics research which would be held by prominent researches and lecturers Georg Lutz and Michael Marsh;
  • Developing a new site for CeMI, which will be renewed on a new platform, with better software research;
  • Publishing two-month infographics which will represent the key events in the actions related to the fight against corruption;
  • Organizing training for the advancement of communication skills and public policy advocacy;
  • Three work visits to European institutions and EU member states’ delegations, which will be focused on the growth of evidence-based advocacy influence;
  • Developing a virtual office, a digital archive – base for policy research;
  • Developing an international resource plan;
  • Establishing a new position in the organizational structure of CeMI (Communication Officer);
  • Expanding the research board with four international experts.

The project is financed by Open Society Institute – Think Tank Fund.

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