CeMI started an application for the protection of consumer rights



Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI) started a web application www.potrosaci.me which allows citizens to report cases of violation of consumers’ rights by sending photos, audio records, and similar evidences that point to the violation.

The application was created within the prject “Improving capacities of CSOs and the system of consumer protection in Montenegro PROTECT.ME”, which is funded by the European Union through the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

Web application will soon be available in mobile version, which will be available in Google Play Store.

In order to attract more citizens, especially those who belong to younger population that owns smartphones, we developed first mobile application of such kind in Montenegro which will allow citizens to report cases of violation of consumers’ protection, and to upload photos, audio records and similar evidences.

Main goal of the application is to measure total level of respect of consumers’ rights in Montenegro, to determine which corporations, owners and/or workers are least aware or prone to violation of consumers’ rights, but also to raise awareness of employers and citizens on negative consequences of such behavior.

Such application will also make it possible to managers and directors of specific corporations to have an insight in opinions and comments of citizens and to take proper measures against workers who are accused of violation of the Law on Consumers’ Protection.

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