Citizens mainly complained of long waiting to receive health care

Center for Monitoring and Research has received more than 150 complaints for violation of patients’ rights via application Zdravo Zdravstvo, of which most referred to long waiting to receive healthcare, PR manager of that organization, Teodora Gilic, said.

She presented application for the protection of patients’ rights Zdravo zdravstvo during morning program “Boje jutra” on TV Vijesti. The application was created within the project “Healthcare system and patients’ rights in Montenegro – Winning citizens’ confidence”, which is funded by the European Union by means of the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro.

Gilic explained that 60 complaints, out of total of 150, are available on website and application.

“Some complaints are verified, some are forwarded to the authorized institutions, and some are processed, which means we received an answer for some complaints, while some are still waiting to be verified by the administrator”, Gilic explained.

CeMI received large number of answers by the healthcare institutions on which the complaints refer to.

“For example, we received an answer for complaint which referred to the violation of patients’ rights in Niksic. The complaint states that the barrier is very steep and it is not very suitable for persons with disabilities. Community Health Center in Niksic responded that the project of building a barrier is in progress as the tender for the construction was announced in 2016”, said Gilic.

She said that the most complaints were sent from Podgorica, Niksic, Kotor and Bijelo Polje.

“Long waiting to receive health care, inaccessibility for persons with disabilities were mostly reported, while the violation of patients’ right to privacy was reported to a lesser extent, especially during the ECG or gynecologist examination”.

According to her words, CeMI is satisfied with the number of complaints received.

“I would like to appeal to the citizens to report violation of patients’ rights, but also to submit positive examples of performance of healthcare workers and institutions”, Gilic stated.

She invited citizens to send their complaints via website or via mobile application Zdravo Zdravstvo, which is available in Google Play store.

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