The cooperation with CALIMS is continued

Representatives of the Center for Monitoring and Research held a meeting on Wednesday, 23rd March with representatives of the CALIMS with the aim of presenting activities on the project “Health Care System and Patients’ Rights in Montenegro – Winning Citizens’ Confidence”.

The meeting featured activities related to the way of working and writing the studies, where a comparative approach to research was explained, as well as a good practice analysis from the countries of the region and the EU.

Also, the words were about the beginning of the first mobile and web application for anonymous citizen complaints in case of violation of their rights as patients and possible cases of corruption.

The Director of the Agency presented the competencies and significance of the Agency in the health system and the activities it conducts in order to prevent corruption in the domain of its activity.

CeMI has decided, through cooperation with CALIMS, to obtain the necessary information on all aspects of their work and to complete its information on the drug market, public procurement, procedures for registration of medicines and medical devices, etc.

In addition to the part related to public procurement, the meeting also referred to the continuation of already established cooperation. A special emphasis was put on presenting the activities on this project, where it was expressed readiness that in the future, if there is a need for one of the representatives of CALIMS to participate in the events, or in an interview with the aim of clarifying certain activities, they will be happy to respond to the call of CeMI.

The role and work of the Agency’s experts in the drafting of laws and other legal acts in the field of health as well as their alignment with EU directives through the work of the negotiating groups formed by the Government for negotiations in the EU accession process was highlighted.

At the meeting it was jointly decided that the previously established cooperation should continue without the need to sign a new memorandum, but the existing memorandum should be extended to the project that was presented.

At the end of the meeting, a high level of co-operation between CEMI and the Agency was established, which is underway in the Memorandum of Cooperation signed in 2013. It was agreed that any further communication with the Agency could be done through the Agency’s PR, ie through Marija Savović (, and for activities related to the establishment of public procurement bodies in the health care system through Željka Bešović (, Head of Department for Medicines and Medical Devices.

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