Citizens mostly reported supermarkets to violate the rights of consumers

The Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), through the application of consumer protection, received 60 valid applications of citizens, of which the largest number refers to supermarkets.

The largest number of applications came from Podgorica – 47, while in Niksic there were five, four from Budva,and in Tivat and Danilovgrad three applications.

Recently, people mostly reported supermarkets, but the reasons are different. For example, expired deadlines, different prices at the register and on the shelf below a certain item. Also, in the context of the application consumers seek legal advice.

As for the institutions, the most agile one is The Inspection Directorate with who we are in daily communication, which regularly submit answers to sent application, Plumbing Podgorica also, and the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services.

The most striking sign lately is that the items are not labeled in Braille on the detergents Fairy, and no other products distributed by Napredak AD Kotor.

The application has been created within the project “Enhancing the capacity of civil society organizations and consumer protection system in Montenegro – ZAŠTITI.ME”, funded by the European Union through the EU Delegation to Montenegro.

We invite the public to take a free application for the protection of consumer rights through the Google Play store or website, which will allow them to anonymously report violations of consumers’ rights.

Also, in the same project, we provide free legal assistance for all citizens who are at risk of consumer rights by phone 020 511 424 and e-mail

Since October last year, there have been a total of 98 cases in which citizens were provided with free legal assistance.






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