CeMI trained over 240 health workers


The Centre for Monitoring and Research – CeMI has trained over 240 health workers in the field related to reaching EU standards in health care, and issues of exercise of adequate health care for members of marginalized groups. Within the project “System of health care and patients’ rights in Montenegro – Winning the trust of citizens”, which is funded by the European Union through the EU Delegation in Montenegro, through the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) and Program Support Montenegro (CBSS), organized a total of 13 training. Due to the great interest of health workers, CeMI has decided that in addition to the 10 sessions held in 2016, in the first half of 2017, we organized three additional trainings.

Trainings are held during the month of May at the PR Center in Podgorica and included the health workers from central, southern and northern regions of Montenegro. Training includes all profiles of health workers, so they trained doctors, nurses, patients’ rights protectors, lawyers employed in health institutions.

The lecturer was Mrs. Marija Vuksanović from CEDEM who presented their knowledge of ethical norms and standards in health care. In the training health workers met the standards of ethics and integrity in the health care system, with a focus on the European Charter of Patients ‘Rights, Health Care Law and the Law on Protection of Patients’ Rights. In order to strengthen the capacity of health workers in these areas, it gained knowledge about the mechanisms for strengthening integrity in the healthcare appointments protector of patients’ rights, the functioning of the line for reporting corruption, handling of complaints / grievances of citizens and their application in practice. Finally, health workers are familiar with the comparative practices and the protection of patients’ rights in case law and jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights.

Center for Consumer Protection – CEZAP, who is a partner in this project, organized training exclusively dedicated to protectors of the rights of patients. The two-day training protectors of the rights of patients had the opportunity to gain more knowledge about their mode of work and responsibilities, particularly towards people who come from vulnerable groups and their families, as well as on standards of transparency, reporting and other procedures of similar institutions is from the region and the European Union. The lecturers were Dr. Branislav Petrović i dr Mensud Grbović.

The aim of the project is to contribute to reaching EU standards in Montenegro in the protection of human rights as patients and to contribute to equal access to health services and justice for all citizens, especially for members of marginalized groups. Through project activity CeMI aims to encourage full implementation of legislative solutions in the field of health care and make recommendations for their improvement, in order to get closer to international standards in this area. The goal of planned activities is to increase the awareness of the general public, civil society, health care providers and patients’ rights, with an emphasis on anti-discrimination, equal access to health care and justice, the protection of personal data.

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