Citizens mostly reported expired products in supermarkets

Montenegrin citizens, through the application for consumers’ rights protection, set up by the Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), submitted 73 valid applications, of which most were related to cases of expired products in supermarkets.

This was announced by PR Coordinator of CeMi Teodora Gilić visiting Radio 98.

She said that the largest number of applications came from Podgorica, then from Niksic, Danilograd, Budva and Tivat.

“The largest number of complaints applies to supermarkets, and the reasons are different. Cases of expired products, then different product prices at the cash register and on the shelf were reported, and one of the most significant complaint is that detergents “Fairy” are not labeled in Braille”, explained Gilić.

She pointed out that the reports also came about the poor quality of the technical goods, the long wait for delivery or repair of a particular product, and the inability to claim goods without a bill.

“Citizens also complained about the electricity and water supply services, specifically the amount of the bill and the quality of service provided”, said Gilić.

According to her, the goal of consumers’ protection application is to measure the overall level of respect for consumers’ rights in Montenegro, as well as to raise employers’ and citizens’ awareness of the negative consequences of such behavior.

“Citizens can send pictures or videos as a concrete proof of a violation of rights. We send their complaint to the competent institution from which we get the response that we then post on the application, so that all citizens will be familiar with the specific complaint and how it was solved”, Gilić explained.

She said citizens can download the application for free via the web site or via Google play store, and that the complaints are anonymous, as she pointed out.

The application is part of the project “Improving capacities of CSOs and the system of consumer protection in Montenegro – PROTECT.ME “, funded by the European Union represented by the Delegation of the EU to Montenegro, within which CEMI provides free legal assistance to citizens whose rights as consumers were violated.

“So far, we have had 98 cases in which we provided free legal aid, while in most cases there was a need for primary legal aid, and to a lesser extent we provided secondary legal aid”, Gilić said.

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