CeMI will strengthen the youth’s working skills in the North


The Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI) started with the realization of a project during which young people from Pljevlja, Nikšić, Žabljak and Plužine will strengthen their working skills in order to overcome the gap between the school system and the needs of the labor market.

During the project “Training of young people from the northern municipalities of Montenegro for the labor market”, a needs assessment will be conducted among the students in secondary schools in Pljevlja, Nikšić, Žabljak and Plužine.

This way, their interests, preferences and expectations regarding further education and work will be identified, after which they will be divided into three groups – students who will try to find a job after secondary school, those who want to enroll in the faculty and those who see opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Based on the stratification above, CeMI will organize training and career counseling for first group students, an info day on higher education for students of the second group and orientation training on entrepreneurship for students of the third group.

The project will focus on the implementation of part of the measures of the National Action Plan for Youth, which implies harmonization of supply and demand in the labor market, stimulation of programs for youth entrepreneurship and campaigning in order to emphasize the importance of professional competences in employment.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Sport of Montenegro through a competition for financing and co-financing programs and projects based on the annual plan for the implementation of the National Youth Strategy for 2017.

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