In the past period, Montenegrin citizens, through an application for consumer rights protection, have mostly complained about water extinguishing without any notification, as well as failing to issue fiscal accounts in certain facilities.

Out of the total of 89 applications received through the application, the most concern is the violation of consumer rights.

Citizens complain that they can’t replace clothes without account, nor can they make a complaint for it if they do not have an account, that there are products that have expired in the markets, that the prices are not the same on the raffs and when the product is being slipped through the cash register, and the amount of the water account.

When it comes to the conditions of service received, citizens sent 18 applications.
Citizens complain about unkind sellers and that there is no one to serve them in the markets, as well as on the poor quality of goods.

Citizens sent 9 applications for positive examples, which refer to the fact that in some shops they appreciate the service, kindness and fresh products.

Regarding the institutions responses to applications, most of the answers are from the Agency for Electronic communications and Postal services, from the Administration for Inspection affairs, Health Sanitary Inspection, and from the water supply.

Most of them are from Podgorica, then Niksić, Danilovgrad and coastal municipalities.
We invite citizens to download the Consumer Protection application free of charge, from the Google play store or the website, which will allow them to report anonymously violations of consumer rights.

The application was created within the project “Improving the capacity of civil society organizations and the system of protection of consumers in Montenegro – PROTECT.ME”, financially supported by the European Union through the EU delegation to Montenegro.
Citizens have the opportunity to consult with our lawyer on consumer rights by phone number 020 511 424.

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