Voting board members should wear name tags and should not use mobile phones

Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI) appealed to voting board members to wear their name tags at the polling stations and not to use mobile phones as well as to be in the same groups all the time.

Head of the monitoring mission of CeMI, Bojan Bozovic, said that the teams of observers of that organization are placed at all polling stations and that they monitor all potential irregularities which they report on a regular basis.

He reminded that 29.1% of voters fulfilled their civic duty until 1:00pm and that next overview will be announced at 5pm.

”It is important to point out that we have noticed voting board members using mobile phones at numerous polling stations which is against the law. Also, we would point out the fact that the voting board members should pay attention to make a difference of identification documents between members of voting boards and members of monitoring missions because the monitoring missions are obliged to wear name tags, to be regularly identified while entering the polling station in order to avoid confusions and in order for differences between members of voting boards and those of monitoring missions can be clearly made”, Bozovic pointed out in his statement for PR Centre.

He reminds that one of the legal duties is that the voting board members are in the same groups all the time and, as he explains, they can be replaced only by their deputies.

”We are paying attention to this in order to avoid the violation of electoral procedure”, Bozovic concluded.


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