Irregularities – Ulcinj 2018.

6:37pm PS no.10 Donji Stoj- three persons with disabilities voted outside the polling station (in the car).

4:38pm PS no.35 Primary School ”Stoj” – the member of the voting board as well as some family members of the voter enter the polling booth during the voting process.

4:36pm PS no. 24 Primary School ”Gornje Mide”-somebody called by phone the member of the voting board and asked if the person (he told the name and surname) voted. He asked the question publicly. They answered that the person did not vote.

4:26pm PS 29 Cultural Center- Some of the members of the voting board have voters list in their possession in order to see who voted and who did not vote and after that they use mobile phone in front of the polling station.

3:58 pm– CeMI’s observers from the polling stations no.17 Primary School ”Donji Rastis” and polling station no.24 Primary School ”Gornje Mide” report that there are three deputies for voters who want to vote by letter but there should be four members according to law.

The representative of ”FORCA” at the polling station no.35 Primary School ”Stoj” complaints that the deputy who is part of the procedure-voting by letter is not even authorized for that, as reported by CeMI’s observer from that polling station.

10:44 am– PS no.5, II Local community – The billboard is removed, voting process is continued.
10:24 am– PS no. 6 Public Communal Company- everything is removed and regular voting process contunued.
9:51 am – PS no. 6 Public Communal Company – the passports are not recognized by the Machine for Electronic Identification of Voters.
9.49 am – PS no.5, II Local community, interrupted due to the existence of the billboard in the vicinity of the polling station.
9:06 am – PS no.31 Public Communal Company is open with 2 hours and 6 minutes delay
8:58 am – PS no.31 Public Communal Company is still not open. The citizens are waiting to vote in front of the polling station.
8:03 am – Polling station no.34 Public Communal Company is under bad conditions. It is not possible to monitor the process of the electronic identification of voters due to limited space.
7:30 am Polling station (PS) no.2 ”Holegro” was open with a 15 minute delay. Several voters were there before the opening the polling station. At the polling station before the opening there were only the president and one of the polling station members. People use cellulars at the polling station. The observer of FORCA, who is, according to his words joined member of the voting board, closed the ballot box. The polling station works under the bad conditions-in the discotheque, bad lighting.
PS no.6 Public Communal Company is not open too due to lack of ballot papers.
PS no. 31 Public Communal Company is still not open. They are waiting for the keys od the premises. The part of the citizens had to return because they had no conditions to vote.

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