The application for signature verification can contribute to citizens’ confidence in the electoral process

The application for signature verification, announced today by the State Electoral Comission, can contribute to the confidence of citizens in the electoral process, but it does not relieve the institution of its responsibility to verify the validity of collected signatures, it was estimated from the Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI).

The State Electoral Comission, at today’s session, established an application for verifying wheter the voter supported, with his signature, a certain candidate for the President of Montenegro. Application, as they announced, will be built and acceesible to citizens within the next few days, via the web.

We believe that the signature verification application can significantly reduce the space for abuse of political candidates in the electoral process.

CeMI supports and encourages this application solution, which will enable citizens to check whether their signature and registration number has been abused in the name of candidacy of one of the presidential candidates.

We believe that the application can contribute to increasing the confidence of citizens in the electoral process.

On the other hand, we must bear in mind that this solution is not enough, but that the State Electoral Commission must take over the role of the institution that checks the credibility of the collected signatures, and therefore to be an active participant in the pre-election process, through checking the regularity of all submitted electoral acts.


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