49.5% voters from whole of Montenegro used their electoral right until 17 PM

According to data of the Center for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), 49.5% voters from whole of Montenegro used their electoral right until 17 PM, as reported from this organization.

CeMI’s PR coordinator Teodora Gilic, announced that 52.5% of voters from Podgorica used their electoral right until 17 PM, 55.2% from the central region not including Podgorica, 43.1% from the South, and 48.6% from the North.

According to pieces of information given during the electoral process a certain number of irregularities has been spotted.

„At polling stations 74 C in Podgorica and 39 in Herceg Novi voters were not allowed to vote due to inability of the electronic identification device to recognize their personal documents, and despite the indisputable ability to determine the identity of voters through visual identification. In this way, voters were denied their right to vote (Art 68b).” Gilic stated

She also elaborated that these cases also point out to the unequal practice of polling board members who in some cases allowed voters to vote despite the non-functional electronic voters’ identification.

“At the polling station 26 Herceg Novi in the presence of a parent, a child went into the polling booth, marked the number on the ballot and then inserted a ballot in the ballot box. There was no reaction by the polling board. Observer at the polling station 9 in Rožaje witnessed a violation of the ban on use of electronic communication devices. A polling board member used a mobile phone contrary to Article 71A Law on the Election of Councilors and MPs.” Gilic said.


She added that all noted irregularities, turn out percentages, as well as all other pieces of information related to presidential elections, can be found on the web site www.izbori2018.me and invited all citizens to report irregularities to CeMI’s legal team by calling the number 077 600 061”

She reminded the public that in the parliamentary elections in 2016, voting turn out until 17 PM amounted to 61.2%, and in the 2012 parliamentary
elections, 55.9%.

“When we compare voters turn outs from previous elections by regions, the percentages are as follows: in the central region not including Podgorica, the turnout in the parliamentary elections in 2016 was 68.1%, which is 12.9% more than today’s turn out. In the parliamentary elections in 2012 voters’ turn out amounted to 59.6%, “which is 4.4% more than today” she added.

“In the 2016 elections, 64% of voters from Podgorica used their voting right, i.e. 11.5% more compared to today, whilst in 2012 that percentage was 59.2 or 6.7% more than today;

55.1% of voters from the south voted in 2016, which is 12% more than today, while in 2012 the turnout was 49.9%, i.e. 6.8% lesser than today ; In the northern region 2016 turnout was 59.6%, while in the 2012 parliamentary elections this percentage amounted to 55.6 ” Gilic said.

When we compare with presidential elections in 2013, when we had a turn out amounting 48,76%, today’s percentage is 0,7 % higher“ Gilic stated.

Gilic concluded with reminding the public that CeMI will have two regular press conferences more by which we will inform citizens on voters’ turn out, irregularities, voting trends as well as results’ estimations after polling stations’ closure. In addition, pieces of information will be available and regularly updated on the web site www.izbori2018.me as well as CeMI’s official Facebook and Twitter pages.

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