CeMI accredited more than a thousand observers

Representatives of the Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI) accredited today, in the State Election Commission, more than a thousand short-term observers who will observe the Presidential Elections on April 15, said the Director of the Legal Department of that Organization, Bojan Božović.

He said that the observes would be placed on polling stations all over the country.

“We will, through our observers reporting, receive timely information from the polling stations where they will be. They will inform us of all possible irregularities,” Božović said.

He announced that during the Election Day CeMI will have regular press conferences and inform the public about turnout, irregularities, voting trends and finally the outcome of the results.

“In order to better inform the public about the results of monitoring the election process, CeMI will have its website www.izbori2018.me , which will be, during the entire election process, regularly updated with all relevant news related to election day,” Božović stated.

CeMI will, as he added, put a special focus on publishing all information on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) so that, as he pointed out, as many citizens as possible can be directly informed about all segments of the electoral process.

Božović stated that all CeMI’s activities will be implemented under the slogan “Let Fair Elections Become a Habit!” within the project “Let Fair Elections Become a Habit! – Building Trust in the Integrity of the Electoral Process in Montenegro”, which is implemented with the support of German Embassy in Montenegro.

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