On the basis of 53,1% processed data, Đukanović wins the highest number of votes

Based on the realization of 53,1% of the sample, Milo Đukanović won 53,5%, Mladen Bojanić 34,1%, Draginja Vuksanović 8%, Marko Milačić 2,8%, Hazbija Kalač 0,7%, Vasilije Miličković 0,4%, Dobrilo Dedeić 0,4%, it was announced at the press conference of the Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI).

The Head of the CeMI’s Monitoring Mission, Zlatko Vujović, reminded that this organization used the same method on several occasions-  that on the basis of the sample, as he explained, he gave preliminary projections several times during the election night „until we finally give a final assessment of the results“.

„This is important for you to accept with the reserve the results behind us at www.izbori2018.me – where is enabled to track the results as they arrive at ours Statistic Center. The final assessment will be when 100 percent of the sample is processed and this will be final, „said Vujović in the PR Center.

According to his words, projections will change overnight, but CeMI does not expect dramatic changes.

„We have to wait calmly to fully complete the sample and then we can talk about something that we can call stable. I will remind you that in the past parliamentary elections our final estimate differed on an average of 0.04 percent in comparison to the official results, „Vujović said.

Project „Let the Fair Elections Become a Habbit! – Building Trust in the Integrity of the Electoral Process in Montenegro“, was realized thanks to the financial support of German Embassy in Podgorica.

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