Voter turnout by 5pm in Podgorica is 3,5% smaller than the presidential elections

Based on the data of Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI) by 5pm on the local elections the biggest voter turnout is in Savnik where 80,5 percent of registered voters voted, and the smallest voter turnout is in Bar, where it is 39,3 percent.

PR Coordinator of CeMI, Teodora Gilic, said on the press conference that in Podgorica by 5pm 49 percent of voters voted.

“Today’s voter turnout in the capital is 3,5 percent smaller than it was on the presidential elections and 15 percent smaller than it was on the parliamentary elections in 2016”, said Gilic.

She announced that by 5 pm in Bar 39,3 percent of voters voted, 46,9 percent in Bijelo Polje, 47,9 percent in Danilovgrad, 57,1 percent in Golubovci, 66,7 percent in Kolasin, 47,8 percent in Plav, 64,1 percent in Pljevlja, 45,4 percent in Rozaje, 80,5 percent in Savnik and 68,1 percent in Zabljak.

“When it comes to irregularities, CeMI’s observers noted a significantly smaller number of irregularities in relation to the last presidential elections”, stated Gilic.

She clarified that the irregularities were mostly related to: violation of voting secrecy, the presence of propaganda material within 100 meters of the polling station, disorder in the voting register, keeping track of voters who have used their voting right and inadequate training of member of the polling board.

Gilic pointed out two irregularities that CeMI’s observers noticed relatively recently.

“In Podgorica at the polling station 105-B, “Dom omladine Gornja Gorica” a voter wasn’t able to use his voting right because he wasn’t registered in the voting register, even though based on the official records he should’ve voted on that polling station”, specified Gilic.

She said that in Podgorica, on the polling station 59-A, “JPU Djina Vrbica”, educational unit Djina Vrbica a person that was not a member of the polling board, in the absence of the president of the polling board and his deputy took their place, “while the other members of the polling board didn’t react”.

“In Podgorica on the polling station 65-A, Tax Administration of Montenegro, regional unit PODGORICA the polling board accepted the request for voting by letter at 2.30pm”, pointed out Gilic.

CeMI, as she appealed, is inviting all citizens to report noticed irregularities to the legal team of that organization on the number 077 600 037.

“CeMI’s observing mission has 836 accredited observers. CeMI’s observers cover the polling stations where 95 percent of the electorate are voting on today’s elections”, reminded Gilic.

The project of monitoring local elections was made possible by the German Embassy in Podgorica.

All the information regarding the elections can be tracked on the website, as well as the official profiles of Centre for Monitoring and Research on social networks, Facebook and Twitter.

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