In the past year financial investigations were initiated against 116 persons

Financial investigations were initiated in the past year in 19 cases against 116 persons and four legal entities.

This is stated in the Report of the Prosecutorial Council and the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office work for the past year.

In 13 cases Special State Prosecutor’s Office submitted to the High Court in Podgorica proposals for an interim measure to secure the prohibition and disposal of immovable property, as well as the temporary seizure of movable property.

Requests for permanent confiscation of property gain acquired through criminal activities of convicted persons and those related to them are filed in four cases.

In the analyzed period, 18 measures were taken regarding the conduct of financial investigations, according to the submitted data of the Higher Court in Podgorica.

Three procedures were conducted with regard to the permanent seizure of property gain acquired through criminal activity, of which all three were legally ended, and two such cases are still ongoing.

29.57 million euros of property benefit was subtracted on the basis of the plea agreement.

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