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Within the project “Judicial Reform: Upgrading CSO’s capacity to contribute to the integrity of the judiciary”, funded by the European Union, through the IPA program announces,


for granting small grants to non-governmental organizations in order to support the achievement of a higher level of democracy and the rule of law in Montenegro, with a focus on judicial reform

You can submit project proposals worth EUR 5,000.00 to EUR 8,000.00 by 20 October 2018 at the latest (23: 59h). The total budget for the allocation of funds is EUR 48,000.00. The projects will be implemented in order to support the ongoing reform of the judiciary in Montenegro by increasing the participation of the civil sector in the monitoring of the trial and / or the policy-making process, which will improve the level of professionalism and integrity in the judiciary.

NGOs registered in accordance with the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations that meet the following criteria are eligible to participate:

  • That they are registered as associations of citizens at least one year before the expiry of the deadline for submitting project proposals in this competition;
  • That they have their headquarters in Montenegro;
  • That they are directly responsible for project preparation and management, with partners (if provided), and not act as intermediaries;
  • that they have an annual turnover of more than EUR 10,000 (in case of part of the capacity building program).


Individuals, political parties, international and foreign organizations, government institutions, religious communities do not have the right to participate in this competition. Also, users who have signed contracts under the IPA CSF Call for Proposals (EuropeAid / 135998 / DD / ACT / ME) are not eligible applicants for this competition.

To apply for the competition, it is necessary to fill in: Applicants are asked to submit a completed application package, consisting of: Application Form, Budget Proposal and Logical Framework Matrix. Before completing these forms, read the Guide to find information about the conditions for applying and a detailed description of the activities that will be supported by this contest. All information and application forms are located on NGO CeMI websites and CEDEM NGO partners:,

Project – “Judicial Reform: Upgrading CSO’s capacity to contribute to the integrity of the judiciary”,


Contract number 2017 / 388-367


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