CeMI created an application for the youth

The Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI) developed a mobile and web application dedicated to informing the youth about their rights, especially the ones concerning the questions of starting a working relationship.

The application was created within the project Smart Start – Active Youth for Sustainable Changes which CeMI is realizing with the help of the Ministry of Sports.

This mobile and web application was designed as a free service for all the youth in Montenegro and is available on the website www.smart-start.me or through the digital distribution platform Google Play.

The goal of this application is for the rights of the youth concerning work relationships and employment to be available in an adapted form.

Additionally, information about the political system in Montenegro and EU integration is available on the application.

The content of the application will be completed with useful material from previous training that CeMI organized for the youth about possibilities for employment, development of business ideas etc. The application offers a map of youth organizations and useful links for additional informing of students and allows a periodic posting of online surveys in order to strengthen the interaction with the youth and improve their connectivity.

The map of youth organizations is not final and in the next period, we are expecting its intensive expansion.

With the content and advantages of this application, CeMI will directly get to know the high school students of Montenegro, especially within the current peer workshops, where ideas for improving youth policy will be formed while they will soon be available on the mentioned application.

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