Exhibition presented the ideas for improving the position of youth

The peer educators’ exhibition, which opened in the Gymnasium “Slobodan Skerovic”, has the goal to present on a symbolic and visual plan the thinking and ideas of the youth and advance their position and rights.

That was announced at the opening of the exhibition organized by the Centre for Monitoring and Research (CeMI), within the project “Smar Start – Active Youth or Sustainable Changes, that we are realizing with the financial support of the Ministry of Sports.

Executive Director of CeMI, Nikoleta Djukanovic, clarified that the peer educators, who are the authors of the works, within the framework of the summer school held on Ivanova Korita during September, besides the workshops on peer education, learned about the political system of Montenegro and the EU integration.

“About everything they learned, young peer educators familiarize the other high schoolers in all municipalities of Montenegro. The works of this exhibition were created in the school mentioned and they send a symbolic message about the significance of advancement of the position of youth in Montenegro”, stated Djukanovic.

She said that the reforms being conducted represent just a part of the road and a smaller part of the obligations expected of Montenegro after joining the European Union (EU).

“Through these projects, we see that the youth of today, who is tomorrow the main point of justice in Montenegro, sees that family of nations, senses their obligations and sees their place in the enormous job market, the market of goods and services. That insight into their thinkings about the EU helps us to give the youth relevant information, direct them and help them to be ready for the act of accession”, said Djukanovic.

The representative of the Ministry of Sports, Danijela Vujosevic, evaluated that the project of peer education, conducted by CeMI, was successful because, as she clarified, it is sustainable even after 15 years.

“I am glad that the project was significantly advanced and took on innovative forms in relation to the previous time, and that the web application for the youth, with the goal of ensuring and making possible for young people to realize their rights through different contents”, said Vujosevic.

She stated that the youth in Montenegro is more active in relation to the beginning of the project.

“We can proudly say that the youth in Montenegro is far more active than they were 15 years ago. Peer education is something that was only beginning then and by today it has taken on the form of something implicit”, said Vujosevic.

She said that informal education has the same significance as formal because through that form of education, as she clarified, it is possible for young people to develop their creativity while actively contributing to changes in society.

The principle of the “Slobodan Skerovic” Gymnasium, Zoja Bojanic Lalovic, said that the project of peer education and the exhibition, show that society still hears the word of the youth.

“To hear their word means advancing our work and helping them become easily capable for all life paths. The summer school of peer educators and all that resulted after that school as well as after the end of this project is the obligation of all of us in the coming period to insist on extracurricular activities, informal education”, pointed out Bojanic Lalovic.

She said that informal education is sometimes more important than formal.

“We will master the educational goals, but in life, we have to learn through concrete examples, through the support of the teachers and all of us who are supposed to be role models to the youth for all that awaits them in the coming period”, said Bojanic Lalovic.

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