Study visit to the European Court of Human Rights

Within the project “Fighting ill-treatment and impunity and enhancing the application of the ECtHR case law on the national level”, 10 students of the University of Montenegro, University Donja Gorica and the Mediterranean University from the 14th – 17th of May will be in Strasbourg (France).

During this study visit, the students will have a chance to visit the European Court of Human Rights and be present for an oral discussion in front of the Great Council of the Court in Strasbourg. Besides this, the students will have the opportunity to speak with the judges of the European Court and eminent experts in the field of law so they could get the clearest picture about the way of functioning of the European Court and its influence on the national legal systems.

These project activities are organized within the programme “EU/CoE Horizontal Facility for Western Balkans and Turkey”, which is being realized by the Office of the Council of Europe and CeMI.


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