Preliminary projections of local elections’ results in five municipalities

According to the data of Center for Monitoring and research (CeMI), in local elections in Budva and based on 51.8% of polling station results processed electoral list “Marko Bato Carevic – For the Future of Budva” won 39.2%, list “For Budva for Montenegro” DPS Milo Djukanović” 31.9%, list “Dragan Krapovic- Budva is Our Nation” 18.7%.

Electoral list „URA for all citizens of Budva- In Black and White” won 3.7%, „SDP – Strong Budva!“ 3.5%, “New Budva – Ilija Gigović” 2.6%.

In local elections in Kotor, based on 76,9% of polling station results processed, “List for Kotor! For Montenegro! Milo Djukanovic” won 31.4% of votes, list “Vladimir Jokic – Kotor is Our Nation-Democratic Montenegro” 23.8%, and then list “For the Future of Kotor” 22.9 %.

Citizens’ movement URA “Patriotic and civil – In Black and White” was a choice of 4.9% voters, 4.4% of voters casted their vote for “SDP Dr. Ivan Ilic – Strong Kotor”, while “For liberal Kotor – Andrija Pura Popovic – Liberal Party” was supported by 4,1% of Kotor citizens.

Social democrats “Dr. Andrija Lompar – We Decide. Consistently for Kotor” won 3.9%, “Dr. Branko Baco Ivanovic – Socialists” 3.4% and Croatian citizen’s initiative Kotor– “For Kotor With All Our Heart! “1.9% of citizen’s votes.

In local election in Tivat, based on 53% of polling stations’ results processed, list “People Wins” won 41,5%, “Because of Tivat for Tivat- DPS Milo Djukanovic” 31,7% and “Social democrats – Ivan Brajovic – Tivat must do better” 7,7% of citizens’ votes.

“Forum of Boka-People of Boka” won 6,7%, Croatian Citizens’ Initiative-For Tivat with All Our Heart” 5,3%, SDP – “Let’s Defend Our Town” 4% and Goran Bozovic – Honorably and responsibly For Better Tivat” 3,2% of Tivat citizens’ votes.

In local elections in Andrijevica, based on 48% of polling stations’ results processed, the coalition “For Andrijevica! For Montenegro! Milo Djukanovic DPS” won 51.2%, “For the Future of Andrijevica – SNP –NSD” 40,7%, whilst Aleksa Becic – Miodrag Lekic – “Peace is Our Nation” – Democrats – Democratic Montenegro – Demos 8,7% of Andrijevica citizens’ votes.

In local elections in Gusinje, based on 30% of polling stations’ results processed, Democratic Party of Socialists of Montenegro “For Gusinje! For Montenegro! DPS-Milo Djukanovic” won 41,4%, Social democrats of Montenegro ” Social democrats Ivan Brajovic-We Decide. Consistently for Gusinje” 23,3%, Democratic Alliance of Albanians 16,9%, Bosniak Party-Liberal Party “Correctly for Gusinje” Rafet Husovic BS-LP 12,3%, Social Democratic Party of Montenegro-Dr. Elvis Omeragic-Strong Gusinje! 4,1%, Socialist People’s Party of Montenegro ” Socialist People’s Party of Montenegro-Gusinje” 1,5% of Gusinje citizens’ votes.

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