81.2% of voters exercised their voting right by 7 PM

In local elections happening in Niksic today, 81.2% of voters exercised their voting right by 7 PM.

CeMI accredited 182 observers for monitoring the local elections in Niksic and assigned them to all polling stations.

Local elections are happening in Niksic today, imply 58,833 citizens that have the right to vote, and 138 polling stations designated for such a purpose.

Four coalitions and two parties are participating: Coalition “The European Team for Niksic”, People’s Movement “For the Resurrection of Niksic”, Social Democratic Party of Montenegro “For Niksic-with Heart”, “For the Future of Niksic”, Coalition “In Black and White- Niksic can” and Democrats “Peace is Our Nation – Circle the Freedom”.

The project “Civic Monitoring of Local Elections in Niksic” is supported by the British Embassy in Podgorica.

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