Corruption in Montenegro


Product Description

The survey on the corruption in Montenegro was conducted among adult citizens of Montenegro in the period from August 8th to August 20th, 2013, on a sample of 973 respondents.

Data collection was done through the CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Survey). The survey was carried out on a representative sample of the population that owns a fixed telephone in the household.

The interview was done by telephone. The average length of the questionnaire was about 15 minutes.

The target population of this research are citizens of Montenegro aged 18 and over. The sampling frame is based on data from the 2011 census and the telephone electronic directory. The type of sample is a combination of a random two-step stratified and quota sample with selection stages. The first stage – the household chosen by a simple, random sample; Second stage: a household member with a quota criterion defined by gender and age.

The stratification of the sample was carried out at the level of the municipality, type of settlement, i.e. Urbanity, age categories and gender.

The sample covered 21 municipalities in Montenegro.

The margin of error (for a confidence level of 95%), a sample error for occurrences with an incidence of 50% is 3.14%. The error for occurrences with an incidence of 5% is 1.39%. An error of incidence of 15% incidence is 2.24%, an error of occurrence with an incidence of 25% is 2.72%, for occurrences with an incidence of 35% it is 3%, while in cases with an incidence of 45% it is 3, 13%. All mistakes are expressed for a confidence level of 95%.


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