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Corruption in Montenegro 2014

16. Dec. 2014. in publications

Research on corruption in Montenegro has been conducted among Montenegrin citizens aged of 18 years and older in the period of December 10 – 30, 2014, on the sample of 737 respondents.

Data collection was done by CATI method (Computer Aided Telephone survey). The research was conducted on the representative sample of the population who owns landline phone within household.

Interviewing was conducted by telephone. Average duration of the interview was about 15 minutes long.

Trget population of this research were citizens of Montengro aged 18 and older. Sample framework is based on the data of census from 2011 and electionic telphone directory. The sample type is a combination of random two phase stratified and quota sample with the stages of choice. The first stage – household, selected by simple random sample; the second stage: a member with the quota criteria defined by sex and age.

Stratification of the sample was done on the level of the municipality, type of settlement, i.e. urbanity, age groups and genders.

The sample included 16 minicipalities of Montenegro.

The marnig of error (for the level of confidence 95%), sampling error for the incidence of 50% is 3,61%.

  • Error for incidence of 5% is 1,57%
  • Error for incidence of 15% is2,58%,
  • Error for incidence of 25% is 3,13%
  • Error for incidence of 35% is 3,44%
  • Error for incidence of 45% is3,59%.