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How to Make Intra-Party Democracy Possible? Institutional Factors and Internal Dynamics of Intra-Party Relations

06. Jan. 2017. in publications

This volume presents the first results within the regional research project Balkan Electoral Comparative study: Impact of personal vote on Internal party democracy. It is connected to the binary study we prepared with the colleagues from Montenegro. The Balkan Electoral Comparative Study is an international research project carried out within the RRPP – Regional Research Promotion Program in the field of social sciences at the Western Balkans conducted by CeMI from Podgorica, Faculty of Political Sciences from Belgrade, Kipred form Pristina and group of researchers from Sarajevo. The main goal of the Study is to test the hypothesis about the dependence between personalization of politics (in the actual case, the personalized electoral system) and intraparty democracy in the transitional, post-Yugoslav and post-communist context.