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Reform of the Anti-Corruption institutions in Montenegro - How to make the system more efficient?

06. Jan. 2017. in publications

One of the main tasks of Montenegro in process of the European integrations, which is marked as a priority of its political actions, is successful reduction of the corruption on all levels. In reports of the European Commission and relevant international organizations, this problem is marked as one of biggest obstacles in development and advancement of our country. Although it is stated that Montenegro has made a progress in legislation which regulates the area of fight against corruption, all regulations are still not aligned with the international standards, and its implementation remains at unacceptably low level. It is necessary to notice that in Montenegro no one from higher levels of government has ever been accused or sanctioned for corruption. One of the main causes for this situation is extremely complex system of institutions that are dealing with the fight against corruption and their poor coordination. These institutions have narrow jurisdictions and weak powers, the mode of appointment and funding doesn’t allow sufficient independence in actions, so even small powers that these institutions have, often remain unused. So, for concrete results in fight against corruption, before all it is necessary do redefine the institutional framework through which this fight has been conducted. It is necessary to ensure independence, empowerment and willingness of these institutions to give tangible results.