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Documenting cases of human rights violations of drug users in the legal system of Montenegro Trial Monitoring

NGO Juventas, in cooperation with NGO Center for Monitoring and Research, is implementing the project “Documenting Cases of the Violation of Human Rights of Drug Users in the Judiciary System of Montenegro”. The project is supported by the Open Society Institute from Budapest.

The main aim of the project is to reduce the number of human rights violations in Montenegro by identifying and documenting the case of human rights violations of drug users in the judiciary organs in Montenegro.

The currents situation in Montenegro shows an increase in the number of drug users, as well as an increase in the number of crimes committed by drug users. Available data show that 61% of the identified drug users in Montenegro have been arrested at least once. Plus, complaints from the individuals and civil society organizations concerning human rights violations relating to drug users are heard often, especially relating to the implementation of fair and equitable proceedings before the judicial authorities in Montenegro.

This project aims to implement the following activities:

– trial proceedings monitoring,

– public opinion surveys,

– dialogue between the decision-makers and the target group,

– gathering and analysis of reports from the government and non-governmental institutions,

– comparative analysis of the legislative framework,

– monitoring of the procedures used towards drug users in prisons and police facilities,

– monitoring of the use of medical services by drug users in prisons.

All of the activities result in the creation of an objective picture of respect for human rights as it relates to drug users in Montenegro. The final product of the project is a comprehensive report containing concrete conclusions and recommendations relating to the improvement of the existing state of respect for and violation of human rights as they relate to drug users and the judiciary authorities in Montenegro.

The project will last for 16 months and will be implemented in all Montenegrin cities.

Partner institutions working on the project realization are: Ministry of Justice of Montenegro, the Supreme Court of Montenegro, Supreme State Persecutor’s Office in Montenegro, Directorate of Police Forces, Department for the Execution of Criminal Sanctions, the Ombudsman, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Institute of Public Health of Montenegro and the Special Physiatrist Hospital Kotor.