CEMI - Centar za monitoring i istraživanje

Local Elections Ulcinj 2018

Head of Mission: Zlatko Vujović

Deputy Head of Mission: Nikoleta Tomović

Number of observers: 53

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About mission

Centre for Monitoring and Research CeMI is implementing a project entitled “Electoral Integrity in Montenegro – Monitoring of Local elections, Ulcinj 2018”.

The purpose of the project is increasing the degree of public trust in the electoral process through contribution to the creation of democratic conditions for transparent, free and fair local elections in Ulcinj, and also preventing electoral irregularities during the electoral process.

The political situation in Montenegro has changed and became more complicated since the last local elections in Ulcinj which were held on the 26th of January, 2014. Because of this, these elections will have an impact at the state level too. Considering the fact that Ulcinj is a multi-ethnic environment, the election results always attract special attention. For the reasons mentioned, a strong civil monitoring of the election is necessary.

The elections in Ulcinj will be held on the 4th of February 2018. CeMI will have its representatives at each polling station. A few hours after the polling stations close, CeMI will give final projections of the election results.

CeMI is implementing this project with the financial support of the British Embassy.