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A mechanism for confiscating illegally acquired property is needed, even though someone has not been convicted

24. Oct. 2018. in news

As a part of this project, a final regional conference was organized. Representatives of judiciary institutions from Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were all present.

Vesna Medenica, President of the Supreme Court in Montenegro, gave the introductory speech in which she stated that All state mechanisms, the police, state prosecution and other bodies should work in unity with the goal of achieving results in financial investigations because the positive outcome in front of the court in form of permanent seizure of property gained by criminal activity depends on the quality of this cooperation.

Head of the Legal Department at CeMI, Bojan Bozovic, emphasized the importance of the study visits and exchanging experiences not only to talk about this subject of comparative analysis and legal regulations but to establish communication, contacts and future cooperation related to these subjects.

President of the Governing Board at CeMI, Zlatko Vujovic said that this project was exceptionally complicated and that they have tried to choose a topic that can make possible for the institutions to be more efficient in facing the problem of organized crime. According to him, financial investigations are considered one of the instruments that can effectively suppress and limit criminal activity or at least narrow the resources which they have available. Especially when it comes to permanent seizure of property gained by criminal activity, it can be very financially beneficial to the state, but also, on the other hand, weaken those whom the state fights against, i.e. whose activity it’s trying to suppress.

Other participants of this conference were a judge at the High Court in Podgorica, Suzana Mugosa, Deputy Public Prosecutor at the High State Prosecutor’s Office in Belgrade, Darko Djurovic, Prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hajrudin Mujanovic, a judge at the High Court in Belgrade, Special Department for the Fight Against Organized Crime and Corruption from Serbia, Zoran Ganic, a judge at the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tatjana Kosovic and State Prosecutor, Jelena Djaletic.